Frequently Asked Questions

Mail and packages are first delivered to Emory Mail Services Monday-Friday. While your carrier may have sent you an e-mail stating your package has been delivered to Emory*, Mail Services is sorting and processing those packages. Package processing time may vary depending on incoming volume. However, we make every effort to have all packages processed and available for pick-up in the Mail Centers within 24 hours of receipt.

*Note – in some cases, local processing procedure will show the package is delivered during an early morning scan before the package has left the carriers facility.

Contact indicating where the package(s) are located by including:

  1. The recipient's name
  2. Location where the package(s) need to be delivered.
  3. In addition, include the last 5 digits of the tracking number(s) to ensure we pick up the correct package(s).

We will schedule a pick-up for the misdelivered package(s). The package(s) will be delivered to the correct location the following business day.

Yes complete the courier request form (pdf) and email it to Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation number for your records.